Shimizu Sangyo Kaihatsu Co Ltd

Shimizu Sangyo Kaihatsu Co Ltd is a Japanese family company. Company was founded at 1980. Company works mainly in real estate and construction business, but also rents and sells cars and represents insurances. Company has also had branch in Thailand.

In 2014, company became interest to network to Europe and became interest to have a company branch in Finland.

In 2015, company wanted to branch more in Southeast-Asia, creating own network in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Suomen sivuliike - Pohjoinen silta

Pohjoinen silta(Northern bridge), Shimizu Sangyo Kaihatsu Co Ltd - Suomen sivuliike(Finnish branch), is a Finnish branch of Japanese company and it's founded in the beginning of 2014. Our team has more than 20 years of experience of exporting and building of wooden houses, and also vast network to offer import and export services.