M-Planter M-120 (single-headed)

M-Planter is a Finnish invention, which is made to enhance mechanical forestation. It can be used also for mounding, and it plants at the same time and afterwards seals the soil from both sides of the seedling. There are two standard models, the single-headed and two-headed M-Planter, which both have research how they enhance forestation. M-Planter is operated by excavator, or with harvester.     

M-Planter M-240 (two-headed)

M-Planter's contract company has experience of soil cultivation and forestation since 1970's. First prototype of M-planter was made at 2005, and first mass production was already made at 2008. Development of M-Planter continues all the time and in addition to the standard models, M-Planter offers customized planters, made to fit to Your significant needs. At 2015, Pohjoinen silta started export marketing of M-Planter.

Single-headed M-120, with tilt attachment.


M-Planter is usually operated with an excavator.