Partners and contacts

Shimizu Sangyo Kaihatsu Co Ltd

Our company in Japan

Country Field Loghomes Inc

Japanese log house company

Baltimlog Oy

Partner for business in Russia

R.I.T.Z Service Co Ltd

Partner at Cambodia

M-Planter Oy

Manufacturer of Finnish forestation machine

SLP - Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy

Finnish manufacturer of the heat treated wooden materials (Thermowood)

Mosaiikkipuu Keskinen Oy

Finnish wooden window and wooden door company

Solexo Oy

Finnish Kelo manufacturer

Pellopuu Oy

Finnish log house company

Timber Frame Oy Ltd

Finnish log house company


Factory in Finland for training, rent use and for product developing


Spanish wooden house company


Greek wooden house company

Wooden Home Greece

Co-operation project in Greece