Wooden houses and construction material

Wooden houses

We deliver buildings for every need; for private and for company use.

Element houses(pre-fabricated houses)
  • Large wall elements
  • With ecological insulation
  • Exterior cladding fixed (horizontal or vertical)
Log houses
  • As laminated, massive or round log
Post & beam
  • Glued posts & beams as frame structure
  • Wall material as element structure or as loose material
We can deliver buildings from Your drawings, or use our ready drawings.

We will add some of our drawings to this website later.

You can find more pictures of ready houses from gallery!

Construction material

We can also offer construction material:
  • Log kit
  • Glued beams
  • Posts
  • Heat treated wooden materials (Thermowood)
  • Exterior panels
  • Interior panels
  • Other wooden material

Heat treated wooden materials (Thermowood)

We deliver SLP heat treated wooden materials, mainly to export. Thermowood is an ecological alternative for terrace material, to replace impregnated materials, and it can also be used for numerous different things(sauna, interior and exterior cladding...).

Most common sizes
  • Terrace board: 26 x 118
  • Exterior panel: 18 x 141
  • Interior panel: 18 x 141
  • Post: 88 x 88
  • Batten: 42 x 42 / 26 x 54
  • Other sizes and profiles are available too!