Jarcrac - Forwarder

We are export marketing Jarcrac-forwarder. Jarcrac is manufactured in Finland and it has been tested in different condition terrains. Due to its size, Jarcrac is capable to reach also soft soils (for example swamp and peat soils), and its performance won't cease even in hard conditions. There are many different models of Jarcrac, and it can be customized to client's needs.

Export model is a track driven two part combination with good quality equipment, and there are additional applications also available.

Technical specs:

Engine: 2,4 liter, 4-cylinder, turbo-charged, Kubota-engine (60 hp)
Weight: 3600 kg (combination weight, wagon included)
Length: 700 cm (combination length, wagon included)
Width: 182 cm
Height: 220 cm

  • Forwarder cockpit
  • Full rubber tires (in whole combination)
  • Track-wagon (3,3 m cargo length)
  • 2 x hydraulic outputs at rear
  • Loader (Farma 5.3 C), reach 5,3 m, lifts 1000 kg from 3 meters, 360 degree turn angle
  • Wipers at front and rear glass
  • Joystick-controls
  • Air-seat
Additional equipments:
  • Air conditioner
  • Pallet-wagon, with dump function
  • Ash distributor (1000 liter tank and centrifugal distributor with radius of 14 meters)
  • Electric winch (4000 kg pulling strength)
  • Hydraulic winch (5000 kg pulling strength)